Transcend the Ordinary: 10 Phenomenal Ways to Style Your Sky Blue Chest of Drawers

With a functional yet aesthetic piece of furniture like a chest of drawers, you can add a splash of style to your home decor. Specifically, a sky-blue chest of drawers can be a delightful focal point in your room. But, it can become mundane if not styled properly. Let’s dive into 10 phenomenal ways to turn your chest of drawers from ordinary to extaordinary!

Create a Gallery on Top

Art is a beautiful way to both express yourself and beautify your home. The top of your sky-blue chest of drawers can serve as a mini-gallery. Choose a few of your favorite pieces—paintings, sculptures, or even your favorite books. Arrange them on top of your chest of drawers in a pleasing way.

Play with Height and Scale

An oversized lamp, a tall vase with fresh flowers, or a large ornamental piece creates a lovely contrast with your chest of drawers. It adds depth and breaks the monotony.

Addition of Mirrors

Mirrors are not just functional; they also make your room look bigger. Fix a vintage mirror above your chest of drawers, reflecting the art or the light fixture hanging above.

Make it Cozy with Soft Furnishings

A soft pile of blankets or a basket of rolled towels on your chest of drawers softens the look and brings coziness to the room. The sky blue color will shine through and add a soothing touch.

Experiment with a Wall Display

Arrange some framed pictures or wall art above the chest, pulling colors from the room decor to complement the sky blue color.

Bring Nature Inside

A small indoor plant or an arrangement of fresh flowers can bring a touch of nature and breathe life into your decor.

Stack Books Creatively

Books are not just educational; they are also decorative. Stack your favorite books on the chest’s top, either horizontally or vertically, for a pleasing visual.

Add Drama with Lighting

A beautiful table lamp or a candle arrangement adds a cozy, warm glow and creates an invigorating environment.

Use Trays for Organizing

A pretty tray to corral your small items such as perfume bottles, jewelry, or watches adds an elegant touch while keeping things organized.

Decorate with Personal Items

Lastly, personal items like family pictures, souvenirs, or your favorite decor item give a personal touch and make your space uniquely yours.

In conclusion, the sky-blue chest of drawers is more than just a storage unit; it is a decor piece that adds style and personality to your room. It can be a creative canvas that you can decorate to suit your style and preferences. Whether you like minimal or maximal design, vintage or modern styles, these tips can help you transform your chest of drawers like a pro!