Master the Art of Decor: 10 Styling Ideas for Your Chest of Drawers

Every home largely consists of essentials and the sky blue chest of drawers is one of them. Given their utility and form, these functional pieces of furniture are ripe for styling and personalizing in ways that showcase your unique taste.

Start with the Basics

First thing’s first, consider your chest of drawers as a blank canvas. Start with a clean, decluttered surface. Organize the drawers by purpose and get rid of items you no longer need. A sky blue chest of drawers can be the perfect background for your creative decoration.

Combine Functional with Decorative

Yes, a chest of drawers is a storage unit, but it does not mean it can’t be fashionable as well. Add functional pieces that can also serve as decoration. This could be sleek little trays or decorative bowls which can house random trinkets without looking cluttered.

Leverage Vertical Space

Adding framed pictures, art, or mirrors above your chest of drawers can not only bring in your personal taste but also adds depth and creates visual interest in the room.

Add Greenery

A touch of nature can bring cheer to any room. Consider placing one or two smaller potted plants at the corners of the chest of drawers.

Play with Color and Texture

Experiment with accessories and décor in contrasting colors and a variety of textures. This gives the entire decor set up visual weight, leading to a fun and lively space.

Add Books

Hardcovers or coffee table books are an excellent way to give height to any home styling.

Incorporate Lighting

A small lamp on the side of a chest of drawers adds an ambient feeling to the room, apart from being functional.

Add a Personal Touch

Be it unique travel mementos, family photos, or antique pieces, adding a personal touch can make the chest of drawers truly ‘yours’.

Use Decorative Boxes

These are not just for storage. When chosen correctly, they can also serve as a decorative piece by itself.

Try Varying Proportions

Play with different heights, widths, and sizes of objects that you place on the chest of drawers.

The art of decor is all about expressing oneself. And, styling a chest of drawers challenges you to mix functionality with aesthetics, practicality with creativity and simplicity with boldness. Remember, your chest of drawers can be more than just ‘ a furniture for storage’. It’s a space to express your personality, display your style and truly transform your room from drab to fab. So let your imagination wander and start styling today!