#From Drab to Fab: 10 Ways to Style Your Chest of Drawers Like a Pro

When you think of bedroom furniture, a sky-blue chest of drawers probably comes to mind. But who said this indispensable furniture piece has to be boring? Here are 10 pro-level tips to style your chest of drawers and transform your room from Drab to Fab!

1. Go Vintage:

Give your chest of drawers a vintage look. Use pastel colours, or better still, opt for a classic sky-blue chest of drawers.

2. Use as a Nightstand:

Your trusty chest of drawers can double up as a nightstand. It’s a fantastic way to save space and maintain functionality.

3. Display a Collection:

If you’re a collector, use the chest of drawers as a museum for your belongings. Pinned butterflies, postcards, or colour-coordinated books can make a great display.

4. Integrate into a Gallery Wall:

Position your chest of drawers against a gallery wall. The contrast of the images and the full block colour of the chest of drawers can create a visually appealing effect.

5. Top it Off with Greenery:

A potted plant or a small indoor garden on your chest of drawers adds an organic, fresh look to the room.

6. Make it Work:

A chest of drawers isn’t just for bedrooms. Think about using it in your home office as an elegant storage solution.

7. Go minimal:

Sometimes less is more. A minimalist chest of drawers with crisp lines and a simple colour palette can add a contemporary edge to a room.

8. Decorate with Fun Knobs:

Set aside those traditional knobs. Experiment with fun, eccentric knobs to give your chest of drawers a unique appearance.

9. Create a Focal Point:

Place an oversized art piece or a large mirror above your chest of drawers. This can serve as a fantastic focal point for any room.

10. Use as a Stylish Bar:

Bring the party home by turning your chest of drawers into a classy bar. Store your spirits, glassware, and all the cocktail fixings you need to entertain in style.

These tips should give you multiple ideas to transform your chest of drawers from a simple storage solution to a major style statement. So, why not start reimagining your chest of drawers today, and watch your room go from Drab to Fab in no time!